Pizza Express had a new brand and wanted a recruitment video that would show how their new balance of food, music and environment made them an exciting prospect for apprentices looking to start their career in hospitality. The video had to communicate major, high-impact changes to the workplace culture and an enticing sense of opportunity in just 30 action-packed seconds.



To show candidates that Pizza Express had changed‘for real’ and not just at a superficial level, we decided to shoot the video at a working restaurant so that we could show apprentices alongside front-(and back)-of-house staff in a ‘live’ working environment. With a jazzy soundtrack,the video told the story of a fresh, upbeat, team-focused workplace, with on-screen messaging lending the security of the established Pizza Express brand.It all added up to a ‘best of both worlds’ opportunity for apprentices – and all of this with just one day’s shooting and £3k budget!


Pizza Express wanted immediacy and we gave them exactly that, with 2,674 users and 2,819 page sessions in the first week alone. To putthat into perspective, the page had accumulates just 3,665 sessions over the previous three months. We also delivered:


•  450k impressions of video with 240k people reached and 5.7k clicks

•  Web traffic &careers page traffic up 2,836% on the week before campaign launch

•  2.1% Facebook click through rate compared to 0.04% industry standard rate


Pizza Express were, needless to say, very happy with the large increase in apprentice sign-ups this campaign generated.


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