E.ON asked Jupiter to revitalise their graduate scheme with a jolt of creative energy. Paying special attention to Customer Operations, Digital Leadership and Analytical Marketing, the task was to generally increase the quantity and quality of applicants with a campaign that would win over a very specific demographic, namely undergraduates and recent graduates looking to start their career.


The challenge was to make the graduate scheme appealing while also showing the reality that getting a great career with E.ON isn’t a walk in the park. And it had to be done in a way that would resonate with a specific target demographic.


It seemed like a job for The Borrowers. Having been a regular fixture film and TV in the 90s and 2000s, the miniaturised Borrowers would be familiar to our audience and would express the idea that, with a bit of hard work, big achievements can come from small beginnings. The fantastical theme would create a sense of intrigue and wonder to lure in applicants while the supporting copy would push the gravitas, fast-track nature and managerial scope of schemes, with emphasis on ‘problem’ areas such as Customer Ops.

You can watch the video here:


The campaign was rolled out across graduate specific media, social media and YouTube while the existing E.ON careers site wireframe was overhauled with a new photo shoot, copy and headlines. Everything was centered around our Borrowers-style video, starring real E.ON grads.


The response to the campaign was so enthusiastic that E.ON were able to start video screening candidates just two weeks after launch. This is the quickest a campaign has ever reached this stage and it resulted in some impressive figures:

90,000 Facebook views

65,824 YouTube views

4,450 (average) visits to E.ON careers page per week 

202% increase on the week before launch date 

6,279 applications to date

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