To encapsulate how living and breathing Motorpoint values contributes to a better working environment.


Our research told us it was important to land these values in a way that follows on naturally from their consumer campaigns (which position staff as having superpowers). But we also wanted to make a knowing nod to some industry classics. Just as a reminder to people that they’re as much a part of the automotive industry as they are a people one.



We encouraged breaking through learning barriers (and the glass ceiling while we were at it).


We developed a ‘Talent Talker’ card deck to get candidates communicating freely at their interviews.We showed how to conduct the perfect candidate journey with every possible scenario covered. And we drilled down into plenty of detail, such as how to conduct a flawless phone interview!


We dubbed trial shifts ‘The Honest Hour’, essentially, to prove that there’s no difference between the attraction message and the reality! We even showed Managers exactly what to do to make sure they guided their teams’ development towards internal progress!


•           Average time to hire for 2019 – 26 days from 48 in 2018

•           Roles filled in 2019 – 119 from 78 in 2018

•           Number of internal promotions in 2019 – 22 in 2019 from 7 in 2018

•           Number of referrals in 2019 – 9 in 2019 from 2 in 2018

•           Average number of applications per month – 885, up by 56%

•           Only 4 roles filled by an agency this year compared to 12 in 2018

•           78% of all management roles hired internally

•           Engagement - improved 7% in 6 months with an average NPS (recommend as a great place to work) score up 8 points

•           10% reduction in team turnover over the last 2 years.

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