Nick Mitchel


5 Top Tips To Improve Employer Branding

1. Define your message

Create an authentic message and tone of voice for your brand, so that candidates know exactly what to expect as an employee. Ensure the brand voice is consistent at every touch-point by aligning the messaging on your careers website with video content, advertising and the one-on-one conversations with the recruitment team.

2. Nurture your culture

Consider what type of culture you want to create. Employer brand is a reflection of your culture rather than something that can be prescribed, and so building a positive culture is the root of a strong employer brand.


3. Build brand advocacy

Both corporate and employer brand are in the hands of your employees - and customers. 84 percent of people trust peer-to-peer recommendations over any other form of advertising according to marketing magazine, the Drum. This applies to recruitment too.


So it’s vital to get everyone who can amplify your employer brand on-board, from front-line staff to hiring managers. Afford employees some freedom on social media and provide platforms for them build their own brand by sharing elements of their working lives with others. Consider how you can use posts from employees on enterprise social networks, internal Facebook groups and intranets on your career social channels.

4. Treat candidates like customers

Candidates are increasingly treating a job search like online shopping. As part of their research job-seekers want to know about your company’s expectations, work style and interview process. They may also leave reviews about their candidate experience.

Therefore, it’s important to provide a positive, consistent,fair and engaging journey.


5. Use storytelling

Once you’ve initiated contact with target talent, keep potential candidates engaged through regular communication. Telling the story might include landing pages that show videos relevant to job roles posted or sharing stories from current employees about their own experiences.

Storytelling is an opportunity to make your brand personal,to tell the story of real people rather than the faceless corporate. By using engaging human narratives, you’ll better attract the type of candidates who could see themselves creating similar stories. Therefore, increasing the probability that right-fit talent will enter the top of the recruitment funnel.


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